According to History, We Can Thank Women for Ale

Today, beer consumption is mainly associated with men to the extent that women have been forgotten as the original brewers. In history, beer inception was associated with women. The first beer recipe in history can be traced to 1800 from writing believed to be a hymn to Ninkasi, a Sumerian goddess of beer. Ninkasi is the only lady on the list of Sumerian kings. She earned her role though brewing.

This beer girl blog also hails the goddess of beer Menget, and celebrated sun god Ra’s daughter referred to as Sekhmet, who was only calmed by beer. Other evidence showing how women played a crucial role in the development of beer includes:

  • The Babylonian Code of Hammurabi shows evidence of women’s authority in beer.
  • In the 5th century, women (alewives/ brewsters) made beer for families and sold the surplus to passerby.

Beer Pong: The Ultimate Social Game

Beer pong, commonly known as Beirut, is a drinking game that requires players to throw a ball (ping pong) across a flat table aiming to land on a cup of beer. The game is played by opposing teams of two or more people on each side with six to ten cups. The cups are positioned in a triangular formation and each team shoots at the cups of the opponent in turns. When a ball lands on a cup, the content of that ball goes to the opposing team. Besides, the cup is removed from the table. The first team to clear all the cups is the winner.

Beer pong is also available online. Now, you can even play the online slots version. The slots games version has impressive symbols such as beer and sounds that give the impression of drinking fantasy. Go ahead and try it today.

The Best Brew Themed Board Games

If you fancy playing themed board games, those with brew themes are more enjoyable and intuitive. They capture the players’ minds to help them appreciate that were it not for women, the beer niche would probably be very different from the way it is. Here are the top five best brew themed board games that you should play today:

  • Beer Crafters.
  • Beeropoly.
  • Brewin’ USA.
  • Furstenfeld.
  • Space Brew.

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The Most Popular World's Brands

Whether you prefer a local or international beer brand, the craft beer girl insists that you will enjoy more by appreciating the associated long history. For women, every beer brewed and sold out there is an indication of great women’s work. Therefore, which are the best craft beer blog brands out there for women and men?

  • Corona: In 2017, Corona was the leading beer import in the US. It is a Mexican clear-bottled beer and one of the most sought after in the US, Central and South America.
  • Snow: This is another top beer for women and men today. About 101.2 million hectoliters of snow are sold every year.
  • Budweiser: This is another top brand that found its way to the list on the craft beer blog for its impressive taste and fineness. About 49.2 million hectoliters of Budweiser are sold every year.
  • Tsingtao: This is another brand whose popularity has been growing steadily. Craft beer blog established that about 49 million hectoliters every year are sold annually.
  • Bud Light: Every year, about 44 million hectoliters of this brand are sold across the globe.
  • Skol: This is a Brazilian beer that sells about 34 million hectoliters of beer annually.
  • Heineken: This is a Netherland based beer that sells about 34.3 million hectoliters every year.
  • Harbin: This is a Chinese brand and considered among the finest especially in the Far East. In 2017, close to 30 million hectoliters of Harbin were sold.
  • Yanjing: This is one of the fastest-growing brands in the market. In 2018, it grew by close to 9%.
  • Coors Light: Craft beer blog found Coors is the second best-selling beer brand in the US.

Craft beer bloghas demonstrated that the current brewing and drinking culture is rooted in women. For girls, the success in the brewing industry is all yours: go ahead and take credit.