Beer – the Most Popular Alcoholic Beverage

The general public, therefore, consumes beer at very various times throughout the week and is almost always carried away by the big brands, those whose price is lower.

But there are other people – and more and more – those who prefer to enjoy “another type” of beer and choose to drink a craft or a premium, beers in which taste, smell, body, and even bottling design prevail or Of the label. Everything counts!

Craft and Premium Beers

Enjoying a beer of these characteristics becomes what we call the fact of enjoying a #Brante moment: escape for a few minutes and enjoy life savoring a great beer.

It is true that in recent years, an extraordinary cult towards beer has become fashionable (of which we are glad). As we mentioned before, a large number of people who prefer another type of beer other than the one made in mass by the big brands. Mainly, the flavor is usually much more intense and cause enjoyment to a greater extent of the palate. Some beer brands like Brabant have wanted to make a difference by recreating and bringing to the 21st century the traditional Belgian beer of the 16th century.

Although Brabant would not fit any of the two adjectives, it does share several aspects of artisans and premiums.

The craft beer could be defined as the most authentic, made from natural ingredients in their most natural and especially pure state. This state is established because dyes, preservatives, or additives are not used in its preparation.

The basic ingredients of craft beer are the same as those of a regular beer:

  • Hop
  • Malt
  • Water
  • Yeast

The differentiation is found in other types of characteristics such as the manufacturing processes (no artificial component is added), the qualities of the ingredients, and in the formula that the brew master has created. The latter is essential for obtaining a craft beer since different ingredients are selected and combined that will give rise to a beer with clearly differentiating characteristics from other beers.

The artisan’s storage is done in small quantities so as not to have it in the warehouse for a long time. In addition, they are not pasteurized to ensure that natural flavors and aromas remain intact, while not losing nutritional and organoleptic properties.

The filtering of the beer is usually chemical, but in the case of craft beer, it is made manual, leaving some rest of the ingredients used in the latter.

Other features that do not have to do strictly with beer are:

  • the label
  • the bottle
  • name
  • the origin

Would we Take it Again?

The existence of foam in beer is a good sign since it protects the beer from oxidation and maintains aromatic complexity.
This aspect is essential to savor it correctly since if it is not adequate, it loses the aromas and flavors.
As beer is more or less light, so will your body.

Differentiating Characteristic of Beers

It depends on some characteristics such as the type of cereal, barley, yeast, the time it has, and fermentation.

Why Choose a Craft or Premium Beer?

As you have already read in this article, there are many reasons to choose a craft or premium beer and enjoy, above all, if we talk about Brabant, for its characteristics and everything that makes it unique: those desire to reach a specific audience and not to A mass audience.