Beer References in Video Games

Beer is an inseparable part of our culture and has become a sign of identity in many countries. Some historians relate it even to the birth of bread, 10,000 years ago. This drink has crossed all borders, including fiction.

And, as it could not be otherwise, it has also had its leading role in many video games, in the form of power-up, wink, camaraderie. So we recommend you get comfortable, open a very fresh San Miguel and enjoy it because we are going to take a tour of the most brewery —that will bring you very good memories.

Beers in honor of retro video games – Those who read the latest issue of beers and pleasures will surely remember the page filled with little blue squares, at the very beginning, which draws the famous pong game popularized by Atari in the 70s. The only entry was “April 2019”. This commercial secretly announced the arrival of a new project: Pixel microbrewery.

As you will have understood, the brand image concept refers to pixels used in video games, but also in the world of Computer Entertainment.

The initiator of the project is also the one who created the popular microbrewery Vox Populi, sold in 2018 to The Gluten-Free Group. While Mr. Turcotte is currently working on this brand within the group, he insists that it is completely dissociated from Pixel microbrewery.

“It’s not the same beers, it’s not the same branding, it’s not the same format,” said Pixel microbrewery’s majority shareholder. I wanted to work on something a little more solo, but also a little more nested, with mainly IPA and Imperial Stout. »

Beers pixelated

The beers, whose recipes are entirely created by Mr. Turcotte, will be brewed with the equipment of Oshlag.

The first two to be released in spring are the Ping-Pong IPA, a fruity, veiled beer, with sweet bitterness, with 6.5% alcohol and, the Save Peach, in honor of Princess Peach of the Mario universe, a double IPA with peaches, with 8% alcohol.

Other products, mainly APIs, will follow in the summer, while a Stout Imperial, for now unnamed, will be released this fall.

Étienne Turcotte is aiming for a production of 2000 hectolitres in the first year, distributed in 473 ml cans through the network of the distributor Transbroue.

In Germany, a management game has just been released simulating the “Oktoberfest” of Munich. It is available on the AppStore. After the simulation games to get under the skin of a football or basketball coach, a German company launched a video game to become “the king of the Beer Festival”. Downloadable on the AppStore, the game is called “Oktoberfestmanager” and was launched on August 18 across the Rhine.

A ” souvenir of the party”

According to Michaela Schultheis, spokesperson for United Soft Media (USM), the German game development company, “The Beer Festival is a world-famous event. Thousands of tourists from all over the world come every year to experience the event live.” The company, based in Munich, is convinced that the game can be a souvenir of this event but also a kind of consolation prize for those who could not attend.

A complete management game

Preparation of the party, purchase of the tent, choice of suppliers, recruitment of waitresses by going through the management of the temperature of the tent itself to push for consumption: the game wants to be complete. “There are also other fun features, such as haggling for location, making one’s own beer blend or hiring a shadow to torpedo the competition,” Schulteis says.