Beer Mine, Valentine.

Ahh Valentine’s Day… love it or hate it, it’s coming.  You know all the angles… For some, the day of love stirs up memories of scorned hearts and lonely nights, others loathe this “Hallmark Holiday” for giving flower shops an excuse to jack the price of long-stem roses.  Yet, for the seemingly few that actually enjoy Valentine’s Day, those lucky in love fools, it’s a day to celebrate love and affection with that special someone.  And although gift giving may not be the central theme of the day, it comes in a close second.  Each year, on February 14th, we bestow flowers, jewelry, and the iconic heart-shaped box of chocolates upon our sweethearts, in an effort to show how much we care.  But it’s not always easy to find that special gift, the one that speaks your true feelings, the one that really says “i love you.”  So I’m here to offer some help to all the lost and confused lovers out there.  If the one you love, loves beer… here’s a list of Valentine’s Day gifts for the beer lover in your life.

For your Sweetheart

I know.  This first gift is making some pretty bold claims, but what’s a little white lie on Valentine’s Day?  Really though, we know you love beer, but one of the best parts of drinking beer is the people we drink it with right!?  Let em know how much you really care with this hand stamped copper keychain from White Lilie Designs on  The copper word cloud charm can also be made into a necklace so your loving sentiments rest close to the heart.  This is perfect for those beer loving couples that know how to have fun together.

For the Craft Beer Geek

Nothing makes you more of a geek than reading, right?  For the suds lover in your life that loves to learn about craft beer, this book by Joshua M. Bernstein is a great resource.  Brewed Awakening: Behind the Beers and Brewers Leading the World’s Craft Brewing Revolution is perfect for craft brew nerds at every level.  Published by Sterling Epicure in 2011, Brewed Awakening covers everything from basic brewing processes to the latest trends in the craft beer industry.  Learn more about the beer that put craft brewing on the map and the brewers behind your favorite craft brands.  Gain insight into food & beer pairing, and even get tips on aging beer.  You can find this book online and at local bookstores everywhere, but if you want to step it up a notch this Valentine’s Day, head over to Joshua’s website where you can buy an autographed copy and gift pack for even less than the books list price!

For the Homebrewer

Love the smell of wort boiling in the morning?  If the beer lover in your life is also an aspiring brewer, try one of these Homebrew Kits from Rogue Ales in Newport, OR.   These Do-It-Yourself beer making kits come with top quality ingredients and easy to follow instructions that help make brewing at home a breeze!  Spend the day brewing together, then enjoy your special Valentine’s Brew when it’s finished fermenting!  I bought one of these for JD last Christmas and he loved it.  We had a blast brewing together and are anxiously waiting to see how close our batch comes to the real thing!   *Please note, due to shipping restrictions, these kits do not contain yeast.  To brew, you can buy the recommended yeast, or an acceptable substitute, at your local homebrew shop.

For Long Distance Beer Lovers

When you can’t be there in person, send your love with a Beer & Chocolate Gift Basket, like this one by Simply Classic Gourmet Gift Baskets.  An assortment of microbrews is the perfect match for the chocolate truffles, pretzel sticks, Valentine cookies and Ghirardelli chocolate squares.  To keep your love burning even though you’re far away, grab a bottle or two of one of the brews included in the basket and some chocolate of your own.  That way, you can call your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day and enjoy one of the pairings together over the phone.  Describe the aromas and flavors to one another as you indulge in the silky, rich character of beer & chocolate together.  Soon enough the distance will melt away and you won’t feel so far from one another after all.