Are You a Beer Snob?

I love good beer, that’s obvious… but is my appreciation for superior suds turning me from a craft beer enthusiast to a straight up beer snob? Let me set the scene for you…

My sister and I are out to dinner at a local BBQ joint. Within seconds of being seated, our server arrives to take our drink order. As I look to the beer menu to see what my options are, I am immediately disappointed with the all macro selection. “Do you have any beer that’s not listed here?” I ask, hoping maybe they’ll have one of the local brews on tap. Sadly, no… what I see, is what I get.

I tell the kid I’ll have a Blue Moon, but I’m not happy about it…

He leaves us to peruse the menu and I feel compelled to share my displeasure with Emily. “I don’t get it, all these beers taste the same? Why not offer something with a little flavor?” She looks at me without raising her head, “Really?” she asks sarcastically, and it hits me — I’m becoming a beer snob.

Soon enough, our server is back with our drinks. He sets the bottle down and I am mortified to see that he has brought me… a frosted glass. I feel my cheeks flush as I quickly debate whether or not to ask for a different glass. Ultimately I decide against it, “It’s just a Blue Moon.” I tell myself, as if I need to justify my decision.

So what do you think? Am I a snob, or just a connoisseur? What about other scenarios? Am I wrong to be annoyed when the waitress rolls her eyes after I ask for a glass? Is a high level of service (and/or knowledge) too much to expect when I’m paying $6.50 a pint?

Answer these questions to see if you’re at risk of becoming a beer snob:

  • Do you drink beer from a tulip glass?
  • Do you know what a Cicerone® is?
  • Can you name 3 different varieties of hops?
  • Do you smell your beer before you drink it?
  • Do you only drink craft beers?
  • Do you know who really brews Blue Moon?
  • Do you know what the term lacing refers to?
  • Do you read beer blogs?
  • Have you ever homebrewed?
  • Are you still reading this article?

If you answered “Yes” to 3 or more of the questions above you are at risk of becoming a beer snob. Cheers! If you have your own stories of snobbery, please leave them in the comments so I don’t feel so bad… you guys do this too right?