the Beer Girl’s Guide to Better Photography!

So you love craft beer.  You drink it on a regular basis, you “check-in” on Untappd, you tweet about it, maybe you even blog about it!   You keep detailed tasting notes as you detect each nuance that splashes against your sophisticated palate.  The most interesting man in the world has nothing on you.  You’re a true intellectual, a scholar.

There’s just one thing… Your Instagram feed, I’ve seen it… and no offense, but it’s a little… uninspired.

But fear not my fellow craft beer enthusiast!  I have compiled a list of photography tips that are sure to turn your camera roll into a virtual gallery, full of thoughtfully executed photographs that do that artfully crafted brew the justice it deserves.

#1.  Set the Scene.

Are you enjoying a cold one at the lake?  Snuggled up in front of the fire with a good book and a trusty stout?  Tying one on with friends at your favorite craft beer bar?  Try to give some clues about what else is going on as you’re enjoying your beer.  If you’re enjoying a meal, include the dish in your photo and let your audience know how well the beer paired.

#2.  Remove Clutter

Before you snap the picture, look at everything that’s in the frame.  Sometimes you’re focused so much on capturing the subject of the photo that you temporarily block out objects in the background.  Take a moment to consider the entire composition and remove any clutter that might take away from your desired focal point.  A trick to cut the clutter?  Get closer!  Taking a close-up shot, even including only part of your subject, can be better than being far away and having too much clutter in the frame.

#3.  Turn Off Your Flash

For the love of God people, turn off your flash!  Not only does it annoy those around you, but it makes for bad photos.  While natural sunlight is best (unless you’re a lighting pro and let’s face it, you wouldn’t be reading this guide if you were) it’s not always possible when taking pictures of craft beer.  I’ve often found myself in a dimly lit bar or tap room trying to find just enough light to illuminate the beer label… trust me, it’s still possible to take a good photo.

#4.  Try a New Perspective

Get low and look up at your subject or shoot from above… use perspective to display that delicious craft beer in a new way!  If you’re using the camera on your phone (all my photos are taken with my iPhone) flip it upside down so the camera lens is looking up at your beer.  It’ll make the beer seem almost larger than life and will be more interesting to your viewer than the same ol’ beer photo they’ve seen a thousand times.

#5.  Be Ready!

Get your camera ready before you pour!  You take pride in a good pour, one that leaves just the right amount of head.  Don’t let things fall flat while you fumble around preparing for the shot.