Two Goats Brewing

What: Brewpub on the Finger Lakes Wine Trail.

Where: 5027 State Rte 414, Hector, NY 14818 (on the East shore of Seneca Lake)

When to go: Might be pretty busy on the Weekends due to travelers on the Wine Trail.  Check their website for live music dates!  (Closed on Wednesday)

Yesterday we took a day trip down to Watkins Glen to visit my dad.  Since it was overcast and a little on the chilly side, we decided to skip the beach and take a drive up Seneca Lake instead.  As luck would have it, we stumbled upon Two Goats Brewing, a brewpub on the east shore.

Housed in an old barn with a spectacular view of Seneca Lake, Two Goats brews all of their beer on a 7 barrel system in the basement of the pub. They serve their own brews along with a sampling of other craft beer on tap and even more in bottles. It was pretty quiet when we stopped in on Saturday, but quickly filled up when a limo pulled up delivering a group of people off the Finger Lakes Wine Trail.

They don’t serve flights but said we were welcome to taste anything they had on tap. Since there were four of us, we decided on a different pint for each to pass around. We ordered the Amber Lager, IPA, a HeadButt (Cream Ale + Stout), and the Danger Goat (a Blonde Dopplebock).  If you’re hungry, they have a roast beef sandwich that they serve with homemade au jus and a top secret horseradish sauce on top.  If you don’t like roast beef, well… you’re out of luck because that’s the only thing on the menu!  We didn’t try the sandwich,   but it sounds pretty good so we’ll be back to try one for sure!

Two Goats has a great atmosphere and is a nice departure from most of the wineries in the area. Like you’re favorite dive bar, you can belly up to the bar, play a game of darts or grab a basket of popcorn and enjoy the view on the wrap-around porch. Everyone enjoyed the Headbutt, smooth and creamy with a great flavor profile… It’s definitely one to try if you have the chance. The blonde dopplebock was also great, aptly named Danger Goat, at over 10% abv it’ll sneak up on ya!