I like craft beer. I like the citrus aroma of an IPA, the silky mouthfeel of a stout. I like drinking a beer slowly while the foam dissipates, lacing the glass. I like the way the last sip leads me to the next and how the next sip complements the last. I like what craft beer stands for. I believe it’s one of the few industries left still holding on to the American Dream. I like the spirit of craft beer, the camaraderie and sense of community. I like walking into a new bar, in a new city, and laughing with strangers as if we’re old friends. I like talking to brewers to find out what beers they love and what inspires them to brew.

You skinny girls can keep your vodka drinks and your Mich Ultras. I’ll be at the local brewpub, talking beer and life with friends… and, while I may not have the most sophisticated palate, I know what I like and I have fun trying new things.  I’m not all about one brand or one style, pour me a Rogue Brutal IPA, or an Anderson Valley Oatmeal Stout… a nano-keg of Sixpoint Autumnation and I’m in heaven.  Heck, I’ll get down with a Dogfish Head 120 minute if you’re buyin!

Won’t you join me on this journey?  I’m not sure quite where we’re headed, and we’ve got no map to guide us, but I know we’re going somewhere great.

~ the Craft Beer Girl